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About the company

OOO “Agromehanika” was founded on October 29, 2003, as a company, specializing in manufacture and sales of tillage machinery, as well as sales of imported spare parts.

The company’s area of focus is manufacture of tillage machinery for minimum soil cultivation. An important advantage of technologies, based upon a minimum amount of cultivation, is the following: they both save money and enable to more effectively address challenges, such as preservation and improvement of soil fertility, stoppage of destructive processes leading to soil degradation (erosion, dehumification, degradation of soil structure etc.).

For the duration of its existence, the Company has been closely cooperating with the Spanish company “Bellota”, our supplier of highly wear-resistant spare parts (operating elements) used for assemblage of tillage machinery.

The customers of our company are manufacturers and suppliers of agricultural machinery, agricultural undertakings and private farms in 55 regions in the Russian Federation. You can buy any machine at our storage in the town of Kamenka or via our extensive dealership network.

Historically, OOO “Agromehanika” has always been an active participant in numerous exhibitions, trade fairs and professional competitions.

The Company’s finance department in association with sales managers help our customers select an optimum financing scheme for purchase of our machinery. Together with our customers, they interact and cooperate with banking institutions to receive bank loans and establish the most favorable leasing terms and conditions.

In a short span of time, the Company earned trust of our standing customers, which is an evidence of the quality of our machinery and fulfillment of our obligations in good faith.

The unity of views and business approaches help us and our partners feel our significance and confidence about the future.