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KNK stubble cultivators, combined, designed for basic cultivation

KNK stubble cultivators, combined, designed for basic cultivation

Mounted cultivator, combinedй


Mounted cultivator, combined

KNK-6/2 KNK-6К/2

Trailed cultivator, combined


The combined stubble cultivator is designed for ploughless tillage without turning the formation to a depth of up to 16 cm. The three-girder frame of the unit in connection with parallel fixed spherical disks and a tubular-ribbed roller allows you to easily adjust the depth of processing and provides accurate deepening. The large height of the frame and the significant intervals between the rows of working bodies ensure that the work is not clogged, even with a large amount of organic mass. Cultivators are equipped with safety shear bolts. In one pass through the field, cultivators perform the following operations::

  • The first two rows of flat-cutting paws carry out pruning, loosening and intensive mixing of the soil to a depth of up to 16 cm across the entire width of the grip;
  • The third row-inclined spherical disks installed with an offset provide leveling, sealing of furrows, mixing and grinding of soil and vegetation, contributing to the creation of a mulching layer;
  • The tubular-ribbed rollers provide optimal back compaction of the soil at the exact working depth. At the request of the customer, the cultivator is equipped with single or double rollers.

This version of cultivators is designed for processing stubble, applicable to all soil conditions, non-tillage and deep loosening, good leveling and mixing of the soil with vegetation, work without clogging the working bodies, accurate cutting depth, optimal crumbling and re-compaction, high-quality tillage with the lowest cost.

Tubular rollers

Application: KNK-4; KPK-4 and their modifications


Inclined spherical disks

Application: KNK-4; KNK-6; KPK-4 and their modifications


Tubular-ribbed rollers

Application: KNK-6 and its modifications


Lemken working body, CNC

Quivogne working body, CNC

At the customer's choice, the cultivators are equipped with one of two types of working bodies produced by Bellota (Spain) with a guarantee of operating time up to 1500 ha.


High-strength fasteners from German manufacturers are used for mounting the working bodies on cultivators.

Technical specifications

< td>Aggregates with tractors of the class, t
  KNK-4 / KNK-4K< / td> KNK-6/2 / KNK-6K/2< / td> PDA-4 / PDA-4K< / td> < / tr>
Productivity for 1 hour of the main time (calculated), ha/h< / td> up to 4.8 up to 7.2 up to 4.8< / td>
Operating speed, km/h< / td> up to 12 up to 12 up to 12< / td>
Processing depth, mm 80...160 80...160 80...160
Number of flat-cutting paws, pcs 9 13 9
Working width, m < / td> 4 6 4
3.0 (T 150) 5.0 (K700A, K701) 2.0 (MTZ 1221, T 150)
Number of service personnel 1 tractor driver 1 tractor driver 1 tractor driver< / td> < / tr>
Weight, kg< / td> 1660±5% 2449±5% 2119±5%
Type Mounted Mounted Trailed< / td>