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Trailed, wide-cut KPS-9,6 cultivator for secondary tillage

Trailed, wide-cut KPS-9,6 cultivator for secondary tillage

KPS-9,6, trailed, wide-cut cultivators, are designed for broadcast secondary tillage and cultivation of fallow lands of a humidity of up to 20%.

Within one field pass, the cultivators perform the following operations:

  • Field surface levelling;
  • Soil loosening to a depth of up to 12 cm
  • Breakage and compaction of top soils with the use of spring-loaded rollers
  • Formation of seedbeds
  • Weeding

Upon replacement of tools, cultivators may be used for shallow plowing, aeration of permanent grasses planted, removal of capillary-structured weeds, reduction of garbage and refuse in fields (with no formation of clods and ridges), improvement of air and thermal conditions for seeds and plants

Rear-mounted, spring-loaded rollers ensure fine soil loosening.

Technical specifications

Hourly performance (calculated), ha/h

Max. 11,5

Operating speed, km/h

Max. 12

Depth of cultivation, mm

Max. 120

Number of flat hoes, pcs


Effective width, m


Combined with tractor types, t

2.0 (MTZ 1221, Т 150)

Staff required

1 tractor driver

Weight, kg