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Spare parts for imported and domestic tillage machinery, manufactured by “Bellota” (Spain) Plow


Soil cultivation with turning, or tillage, is a mechanical operation on soils, the purpose of which is to change their apparent density. It enables inflow of rainwater and atmospheric oxygen. At that, top soils are broken up, where roots of agricultural crops are.
Three major purposes of soil cultivation:
1) Weed pressure control: weeds compete with crop plants for nutritional substances, water and light. Furthermore, weeds cause blights and occurrence of farm pests.
2) The use of crop residues: they are used for their progressive decomposition.
3) Improvement of soil structures: better air permeability and inflow of water are ensured.
Well performed soil cultivation (basic cultivation and surface tillage) will enable formation of a granular structure, where particles stick together to form granules, diameter 1 – 5 mm, leaving pores of various size that contribute to water retention in soils. No too large spaces shall form, where roots lack for water and nutritional substances.
It addition to that it should be kept in mind that proper seed germination requires the top soil to have minimum 50% particles of a lesser size than that of seeds. The crop yield difference between well cultivated soils and compacted, or improperly cultivated ones, may even reach 30%.

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“Bellota” manufactures spare parts for the following imported machinery: Kverneland, Överum, Fiskars-Agrolux, Vogel&Noot, Naud, Dow deswel, Ovlac, Quimel, Lanau, Fonton, Castillion, I.Harvester, John Deere.

More detailed information can be obtained from the catalogue Bellota.