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Spare parts for imported and domestic tillage machinery, manufactured by “Bellota” (Spain). Seeding machines.


Proper sowing is a basis for even growth of agricultural crops above ground, which is of great importance for the highest crop yields. Disk drills, specially designed for direct seeding, are able to work the soil, covered with a layer of plant residues, which protects the soil from erosion, as they cut this layer and open a furrow. The use of seed disks as seeding equipment for tilled crops enables to perform sowing with minimum damage to the soil, prevention of seeders blocking and occurrence of obstacles due to organic remains. This also provides for high accuracy of the sowing depth. This is considered a perfect system for seeding of crops with a high accuracy of planting depth. On fields with high amounts of plant residues, it is recommended to use the land conservation technology, although its use can result in some difficulties on soils of higher humidity and side compaction of furrows on clay soils.

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