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Disk harrow BDM 3х4 P, trailed

Disk harrow BDM 3х4 P, trailed

Disk harrows BDM 3х4P are designed for surface tillage to a depth of up to 12 cm, weed cutting, crushing and burying of crop residues into the soil, autumn plowing, cultivation of clover fallows, pre-planting cultivation and moisture conservation in soil.

Disk harrows are semi-mounted (semi-trailed) diskers with 4-row arrangement of disks, each on an individual leg. The operating tool is the concave disk BDM, diameter 560 mm, manufacturer: “Bellota” (Spain); other elements are: reinforced bearing assembly (bearing housing BDM), tool leg (“sleeve – leg” lubrication) and disk approach angle adjuster. The disk harrow is also equipped with a spiral slicker that enables to adjust a depth of cultivation without changing disk approach angles.

The slicker is attached to levers by means of the bearing assembly and silent blocks.

Each disk has an individual positioning axis; for each row of disks, disk approach angles can be adjusted within a range of 0º to 30º, thus, setting the effective width of the disks. At that, disks act as plows and earth-boards, which provides for better turning of soil being opened, its breaking up and loosening, as well as reduction of a required pulling force of a tractor. Each leg has a lubrication groove.

Disk harrows BDM are completed with disks, manufactured by “Bellota”, Spain: 560 mm or 590 mm. They also have reinforced own-produced, high-quality and highly reliable bearing housings and legs that are manufactured with the use of new and state-of-the-art equipment.

Technical specifications

Hourly performance, ha/h

3.0 - 4.0

Operating speed, km/h


Travelling speed, km/h

Max. 25

Effective width, m


Weight, kg


Number of cutting elements in a row, pcs


Number of cutting elements, pcs


Dimensions, m: width / length / height

3.61 / 6.7 / 1.56

Combined with tractor classes, t

2...3 t.s. 150...180 h.p.

Staff required

1 tractor driver