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Spare parts for imported and domestic tillage machinery, manufactured by “Bellota” (Spain). Conservation technologies for soil cultivation. Chisel cultivators


Spare trend is emerging: during tillage, only a part of plant residues on the surface is buried into the soil; the remaining residues protect the soil against erosion. This prevents erosion due to fine fractions in the surface soil.

The emerging trend enables to use mini-plows to a depth of 15 – 20 cm, with slight turning of the soil without mixing various soil layers. To ensure high quality of work, it is required to set an approach angle between the soil and plow share edge to make it approximately 3º.

Fields planted with the use of the direct seeding technology, especially those with muddy soils, which are predominant in dry regions, are exposed to a risk of soil compaction. To prevent this, it is recommended to cultivate the soil every 2-3 years with a ripper cultivator, without turning the soils. At that, the upper layer of plant residues remains almost untouched, and no tillage pedoturbation takes place. This operation, named as “wave effect”, increases the soil level by 10-20 cm, since significant soil loosening is achieved. This also helps prevent erosion, as the soil layer is not turned.

Ripper cultivator

Tine assembly   Tine 15010-В   Protection 15008-В   Blade 15009   Handle 15009МА and tip point 15009РА   Tip point 15009РС
Tine assembly   1345-1   1833-1   1340   1341   2369
Chisel cultivator kit
Tine assembly   1424   1818   1411   2334   1422
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