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Disc harrow BDM 8x4P trailed

Disc harrow BDM 8x4P trailed

The BDM 8x4P disc harrow is designed for surface tillage to a depth of 15 cm, weed destruction, grinding and embedding of crop residues in the soil, cutting of finches and half-steam, pre-sowing treatment, moisture preservation.

The disk harrow is a semi-trailer (semi-mounted) disk tool with a 4-row arrangement of disks on individual racks. The working body is a spherical disc of BDM with a diameter of 560 mm from Bellota (Spain), a reinforced bearing assembly (BDM bearing housing), a rack of the working body with a lubricant "bushing-rack". Mechanism for setting the angle of attack of each row of disks. The complete set of the disk harrow with a spiral loop-roller allows you to smoothly adjust the depth of processing without changing the angle of attack of the disks.


Mounting of the loop-roller to the levers - bearing assembly and silent blocks.

Each disk is located on an individual axis, each row of disks has the ability to adjust the angle of attack (from 0 to 30 degrees) and, accordingly, the working width of the disk grip. At the same time, the disk acts as a ploughshare and a blade, which contributes to a better turnover of the cut layer, its crumbling, as well as reducing the required traction force of the tractor. The rack has a groove for lubrication.

BDM disc harrows are equipped with Spanish Bellota discs (Spain) of 560 mm or 590 mm. The disk harrows are equipped with reinforced bearing housings and racks of our own production of high reliability and high quality, which are manufactured on new modern equipment.

Technical specifications

Productivity for 1 hour of the main time, ha / h 9,6
Operating speed, km / h 10-12
Transport speed, km / h up to 25
Working width, m 8,2
Weight, kg 7550
Number of cutting units in one row, pcs 20
Number of cutting units, pcs 80
Dimensions, m & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; width/length/height 8,2 / 7,4 / 1,3
Transport dimensions, m & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; width/length/height 4,39 / 7,36 / 3,9
Is aggregated with tractors of the class, t 5 t. s. & nbsp; & nbsp; 400...450l. s.
Number of service personnel 1 tractor driver
Type Trailer